Our Current Project

Plan Bee

A 2D game made with 3D art that was originally made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020.

You play as an astronaut bee bumbling around space trying to save their friends from an evil robot invasion!

We’ve decided to continue production of the game recently and plan to release it on PC and Mobile sometime soon! Stay tuned! 

Our Previous Projects

Dungeons & Fragons

Our entry to the GMTK Game Jam 2022. Theme: Roll of the Dice!
You crash your friend's D&D session and play as a Minigun-Wielding Badass while the DM throws as many goblins as he can at you. How long can you survive?

Quantum Love: Synergy Gun

Our entry to the GMTK Game Jam 2021 with the theme: Joined Together. Stuck aboard a space vessel that is about to collapse in on itself, you find a mysterious weapon that is able to combine the elements together. Use the Synergy Gun to solve puzzles and make your escape from the Quantum Love!

Chaos Cat

Our entry to the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2. Theme: Let There Be Chaos! Play as a cat made out of pure chaos who rampages through this messy person's apartment, destroying everything in your path! Keep destroying things to keep your chaos meter active so you can cause all the chaos!

Infinity Heist

Our entry to the Black & White Jam 8 with the theme: Loop. You play as the Train Conductor if the Infinity Train which is currently being robbed by a gang of train robbers! Use your magic revolver to defeat enemies, grab the TNT and protect your gold from this Infinity Heist!

The Crystalline Labyrinth

A solo project by Shadow, created for the 1st ever Interstellar Game Jam! Theme: Upside Down. You're an archeologist who stumbled into a weird underground labyrinth. However, within this giant 3D maze, there're crystals you can touch which change the direction of gravity! Now that's wacky!

Roll Øut.

The first ever solo project by Shadow; Roll Out is a 3D Racing Platformer where the player rolls around and jumps over hazards in order to reach the goal at the end. Featuring: Zero-Gravity collision physics and a level which is not lit up properly at all!

Exploring the gaming frontier

We experiment with unique concepts to create games that explore new and interesting mechanics. Creating prototypes out of wacky ideas is our specialty. Making fun games is our passion. 

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