Growing games that are out of this world

and terraforming a biome for a vast array of creative people along the way.

Discover games you didn't know you wanted to play.

Nowadays, games are starting to feel like they are all the same. At Interstellar Garden, we explore unique and bizarre concepts, so you can enjoy gaming even more. 

Community Highlights

First Rule of Time Travel

A platformer where you race your past selves to collect treasure and escape, took an interesting approach to the theme: Another Dimension. That being Time.

Vapor Rider

Inspired by an old Atari game, this 2D shooter restricts movement to 1D. Includes some nice Vaporware aesthetics. This was another entry for IGJ4: Another Dimension.

Booted in Space

A weird harmony between Tetris and time management. You place pieces on the panel in order to control the Boot. This was another entry for IGJ2: Time Control.

Open Comms

We believe the best games are made when everyone has a say in the final product, regardless of what their job is. We highly encourage feedback that flows in all directions and open communication between our teams and the public. 

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