Growing games that are out of this world

and terraforming a biome for a vast array of creative people along the way.

Discover games you didn't know you wanted to play.

Nowadays, games are starting to feel like they are all the same. At Interstellar Garden, we explore unique and bizarre concepts, so you can enjoy gaming even more. 

Our Recent Games

Plan Bee

Our entry to the GMTK Game Jam 2020 with the theme: Out of Control. Help Space Bee safely reach the portal while avoiding asteroids and... exploding robots?! Space is crazy!

Roll Out

A solo project by Shadow; Roll Out is a 3D Racing Platformer where the player rolls around and jumps over hazards in order to reach goal at the end. Featuring: Zero-Gravity collision physics!

Project RR

A work-in-progress, 3D Action-Adventure Platformer.

Open Comms

We believe the best games are made when everyone has a say in the final product, regardless of what their job is. We highly encourage feedback that flows in all directions and open communication between our teams and the public. 

Dev Log

Coming Soon

We will be using these blog posts to give everyone a better insight as to the happenings of Interstellar Garden as they come up. More

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