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Best of: Interstellar Game Jam

First Rule of Time Travel...

…is don’t interact with yourself and cause a paradox. 

A game where you race your past selves to collect treasure and escape took an interesting approach to the theme: Another Dimension. That being Time. This platformer was created in only 48 hours and won #1 in Art, Music/Sound and Overall during the Interstellar Game Jam 4, our largest game jam yet!


A game about a bunny who can stop time.

At first glance, this game looks pretty straight forward. But, the the time stopping mechanic in this platformer shows off why it won the Interstellar Game Jam 2! Not only did this game win #1 Overall, but also #1 in Music, Art and Theme, which was Time Control! 


How powerful is a self-aware main character?

A game that’s tricky to define, as it feels like many games in one. A top-down shooter, a top-down obstacle course and even a side scroller! While this game didn’t win #1 Overall during the Interstellar Game Jam 3, it did win #1 in Fun, due to it’s funny, wacky story and comical voice acting. The theme for this jam was Defy The Laws, and this game did a great job at layering on top of that for maximum fun.

More Community Jam Games

Axis Dodger

A game that's all about 1D movement in a 2D world. An interesting take on the theme, for sure. This was another entry for IGJ4: Another Dimension.

Vapor Rider

Inspired by an old Atari game, this 2D shooter restricts movement to 1D. Includes some nice Vaporware aesthetics. This was another entry for IGJ4: Another Dimension.

Booted in Space

A weird harmony between Tetris and time management. You place pieces on the panel in order to control the Boot. This was another entry for IGJ2: Time Control.

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