Our Story

Collaboration is the key to success

Interstellar Garden’s inception came during the aftermath of the GMTK Game Jam 2020. We had created Plan Bee and some of us were ready to push our game development skills beyond our limits. So, we started joining more game jams, creating bigger teams each time, including folks from all over the world. 

With each jam, we learned more about what it takes to get games to the finish line and we also were able to sharpen our skills more and more. 

Nowadays, we continue pressing forward, taking on new challenges and striving to inspire others to take that first step. Do you have what it takes to begin a new journey? 

What We Offer

Design Consultation

Coming up with crazy, wacky and fun ideas is always a great time! However, not all ideas work well for all types of projects. While we always make it a point to hear ideas from every team member – good ones, and bad ones too! – you need to know what works for your game and what doesn’t. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes on something to see it from an angle you never would’ve thought of! 

Rapid Prototyping

We created a half dozen games in some of the tightest conditions possible. No matter the restrictions, we can take any concept and bring it to life in no time at all. You’ll be amazed what a dedicated team of game jam developers can do in a short amount of time! There’s no concept too bizarre for us to give wings to!

3D & 2D Level Design

Whether it’s a 2D Side-scroller, an FPS or a Third-Person Platformer, we can create engaging, fun and playable environments for whatever setting you need! Wild West, Outer Space, Jungle Ruins, right on your table top, wherever! We got you covered! 

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